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Employee Recruiting

Employee Recruiting

Sabeza HR understands that hiring the right employee can make a significant contribution to your business. We are also aware of the laws that govern hiring practices. We will ensure that you have legal hiring practices in place, to limit your liability and risk, in the employee recruiting process.

Employee recruiting the right way is crucial to attracting and securing qualified talent for your business. You know employees are your number one assets and hiring the right employee will keep your turnover costs to a minimum. Some estimates have turnover costs for one employee between 50%-150% of the employee’s salary. Let us help you reduce costs and hire right the first time. Sabeza HR can find the skilled employee you’re looking for: direct hire, temporary, or temp to hire.

Our recruitment strategy consists of carefully creating accurate and attractive job descriptions, strategically placing advertisements and using social media to your advantage.

We conduct thorough phone interviews, background checks and in-person interviews to select the best candidates.

Personality testing is a tool which assists us in placing the right person into your particular organization. After the candidate completes testing we will analyze the results with you.
Once you’ve selected from the talented candidates, orientation to your company is essential. Orientation helps introduces the new hire to your company’s procedures and processes.

Sabeza HR can bring new employees on board with an efficient orientation process that is compliant and customized to your company.