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Sabeza HR is an absolutely fantastic company to work with. Our company is a bit different and we have some unique needs and situations that aren’t found at your typical 9-5 business, and as such, our Human Resource needs reflect that different atmosphere that we have created. What’s great about Sabeza HR is that they don’t try to change who your are as a company. They fostered that core that we built our business around and use their experience and expertise to allow us to maintain our core values but do things the right way.”
– Andrew Kipple, Three Ring Focus

“Hiring was such a burden for our company due to lack of experience and the immediate need to find the right candidate. Sabeza HR made it simple and our company was able to find the right candidate after Sabeza HR screened applicants. Thank you so much for all your help.”
-Gus Marrero, Bongo Press

“Sarah Zasso created and presented a training seminar which she expertly tailored to our unique needs. She is knowledgeable across all areas of the diverse Human Resources function and it’s clear that Sarah brings years of polished experience to everything she does. The first class, personalized service from Sabeza HR is refreshing.   Sarah Zasso has a certain undeniable panache. You will want that. Hire her. Immediately.”
-Angela Traver

“Sarah is quite professional, a serious and kind person, which I never met before. She does an excellent job for us!”
-David Lee

“Having worked with Sarah for over a year, I’ve been continuously impressed by her passion for helping her clients’ businesses thrive.  She sincerely cares about her clients’ day-to-day workplace issues, and works hard to find practical simple solutions to their problems.  Sarah’s HR experience has made her a great resource for me in my employment law practice.  Her enthusiasm and commitment to her clients is inspiring.”
-Leah Cromer, Esquire
Employment Law Attorney