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Culture Assessment – Employee Relations

We know that you care about your employees and company morale, but how do you measure it?  What type of culture do you have? Do you think that you are approachable, but your employees are actually afraid of you? Do you have high company morale? Are your employees happy to be there? How do you really know how your employees feel – have you asked them? And if yes, are they really going to tell YOU, their boss, that they are unhappy? Probably not. How can you fix what you don’t know is broken? Sabeza HR can help.

Sabeza HR can conduct a confidential and impartial Culture Assessment of your organization.

  • Conduct confidential on-site/video employee relations climate interviews with a sample of managers and employees
  • Engage in confidential communications with managers about personnel or other issues that concern them
  • Report on problem issues identified through the interviews and develop recommendations to improve employee relations
  • Monitor the progress of your organization’s employee relations efforts