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Employee Reporting Hotline Solution

In today’s work climate, it is more important than ever that your employees have a safe way to report their concerns.  As an employer, you want to know about your employee concerns and sometimes, employees are not comfortable reporting them internally due to fear, embarrassment or other factors.

With Sabeza HR’s Employee Reporting Hotline, employees can safely and confidentially report their concerns regarding Harassment, Ethics, Discrimination, Theft, Violence, Fraud, Bullying, Illegal Activity, Retaliation – or any other type of grievance concern.

Why Choose Sabeza HR’s Employee Reporting Hotline?

  • Allows you to monitor your business from the perspective of your employees, without fear of retaliation.
  • Employees may feel more comfortable reporting to a third party.
  • Employees may report incidents early, before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • Safe and confidential outlet to report concerns or ethic violations.
  • Uncover employee issues quickly, so that organizations can take action faster.
  • A hotline can act as a deterrent to inappropriate behavior.
  • An HR Expert handles the complaint.
  • Comply with Federal EEOC guidelines.

And most importantly, your employees want to know you take their concerns seriously. Hiring a third-party reporting hotline shows your employees that they are important to you and you care. It can improve your morale and goes a long way to solving internal problems before they become larger external problems.

Did You Know?

Federal authorities (EEOC) and Best Practice guidelines expect multiple reporting options for Harassment within an organization, in the case they are uncomfortable or fear sharing their concern internally or the person they are supposed to report concerns to is the individual about whom they have the complaint.


  • Reporting via toll-free phone voice messaging system or online reporting – 24/7/365.
  • Easy implementation.
  • Complaint process only takes a few minutes for employees.
  • Incident reporters are guided through a series of well-crafted questions designed to provide you with the maximum information about the incident.
  • Phone calls will be transcribed by Sabeza HR into the same system that would be used for the online link.
  • Employees have the option to remain anonymous or provide contact information.
  • This is a reporting service only, gathering facts and information from the incident reporters to provide to the designated representative of your organization.

Pricing starts as low as $99/month!