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Handbook Creation

An employee handbook is an essential tool for any company. A smartly crafted handbook establishes the foundation of your company’s employee-employer relationship and introduces the employee to the company in a positive way. It also tells the employee what you expect from them and what they can expect from you, the employer. This helps minimize confusion and misunderstanding.

The handbook can also help the employer defend against lawsuits brought by employees for wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. The handbook is also very helpful for unemployment claims.

Employee handbooks are a valuable tool for your company; you should trust only qualified human resources professionals to craft this important document.

Sabeza HR can create an employee handbook specific to your company, or revise/update your current handbook.

Information typically included in the Employee Handbook:
The contents of the employee handbook differ according to the needs and objectives of each individual organization. Sabeza HR tailors each handbook to each of our clients. The employee handbook should be designed to build interest and enthusiasm and help the employee identify with the organization.

A well-structured and well-written handbook will include the following important topics:

  • Employment Laws Such As EECO, ADA, FLMA
  • State-Mandated Inclusions
  • A Statement Of Each Of The Principal Policies
  • Employee Benefits Including Leave Of Absence
  • Operating Rules And Commonly Observed Customs
  • An Overview Of The Company’s History And Organization
  • A Description Of The Company’s Service
  • Employee Behavior Code Of Conduct, Including Sexual Harassment

Contents of the Employee Handbook can also include details on:

  • Employment Status
  • Safety Procedures
  • Compensation
  • Records And Files
  • Performance Review And Promotion Procedures
  • Rules, Regulations And Discipline Procedures