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FAQs: Who is Sabeza HR?
Answer: We are a full service human resources consulting company, based in South Carolina and supporting businesses nationally.

How can Sabeza HR benefit your company?
Sabeza HR focuses its attention on human resources and recruiting. Comparing us to other HR companies, our clients will see the difference in focus, knowledge, and time. Our quality of work and attention to our clients sets us apart.

There are many federal and state regulations required of an employer, dependent on their size. Employers may be violating the law and not even realize it. Our goal is to help them recognize the need for a human resources presence and help them navigate the labor waters and ensure compliance.

As a business grows, more situations arise that current management may not have the skills to properly resolve. With Sabeza HR’s experience, we can help these companies not only manage their human resources compliance, but employee relations, handbooks, policies/procedures, and more.

Who are Sabeza HR clients?
While we are based in the Myrtle Beach/Charleston, SC area, our clients are nationwide. Essentially, any company looking to incorporate an HR presence, as well as businesses looking for supplemental support would be a great fit with Sabeza HR.