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Sabeza HR offers a wide variety of leadership and compliance training options. Our training is interactive, engaging, and informative.

How is Sabeza HR Training Different?  Just read our testimonials:
“The subject was presented in a friendly and educational style with real-life examples which makes the information easy to retain.”
“Great presentation, kept it light and lively! Always a plus! sometimes you go to these seminars and put you to sleep- not the case here!”
“Great presentation. Very understandable. A lot of material was thoroughly covered in a short amount of time.”
“The whole meeting was informative and useful. She also made it fun.”
“Most valuable – Explanations of how to handle different types of situations and how to document, document, document. She made it very comfortable to allow us to ask questions and give comments.”
“Most valuable – Participant engagement which allowed for real-life examples to build on.”
“Most valuable – Making the conversations relevant to our previous experiences and our specific lines of work helped us understand the situations. Very helpful.”
A few of our most popular training's are below:
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training for Supervisors and Employees

This training is interactive with a live trainer and covers – harassment illegality, laws, and definitions; reporting procedures; retaliation; bystander intervention; real-life examples; questions and answers throughout, and reviews supervisor roles/responsibilities (Supervisor training only). An acknowledgment quiz is also available. This training meets State training requirements.

FMLA for Supervisors

This training, for employers with 50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius, covers – FMLA definition, coverage, eligibility, employer and supervisor roles, and responsibilities, with real-life scenarios and solutions.

Diversity & Inclusion Training for Supervisor and Employees

This training covers – understanding diversity and bias, respect, and how to navigate and create a culture of understanding and inclusivity, along with supervisor roles and expectations.

Sensitivity and Diversity Awareness Training for Supervisors and Employees

This training helps the supervisor or employee understand respect and expectations in the workplace, their role in the workforce and how “what” we say and “how” we say it does matter, and other practical tools to communicate effectively and respectfully.

HR Compliance 101

Most supervisors make compliance mistakes with the best of intentions. This training will help your supervisors avoid some of the most common FLSA, EEOC, NLRA, Title VII mistakes – fostering a better culture and limiting your risk.

Interviewing 101

In this training, participants will learn how to legally and effectively conduct interviews. Ideal for newer supervisors with interview responsibilities.

Coaching & Corrective Action Process

Supervisors often don’t hold employees accountable because they don’t have the know-how, which can affect overall company productivity and culture. This training provides an understanding of the necessity for coaching and corrective action, what the conversations look like, and documentation. Roleplay too!

New Leader Series (and for those that may need a refresher)

Interested in a training session that you don’t see here? We customize training as well.