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Unemployment Claims

Unfortunately, unemployment claims are the cost of doing business. However, Sabeza HR can help you put procedures in place to manage this process and minimize cost.

Well-documented and detailed records become valuable assets in the event of a wrongful unemployment claim. These documents include performance evaluations, written warnings, policy changes and any records or evidence of employees breaking company policies or procedures. All of these documents will prove invaluable, should you be in the often-inevitable position where you need to prove a former employee was terminated for cause.

Sabeza HR can assist employers improve their disciplinary and termination processes, along with ensuring all of the associated documentation is properly maintained. We can also handle all the paperwork and appeals associated with unemployment claims. Turning these responsibilities over to someone with the resources and expertise to properly handle them may save you valuable time, stress and cost. We will give you the freedom to focus on the important things, namely growing your business.

Rely on Sabeza HR to handle the administration of all of your unemployment claims, provide consultation and assistance in all areas of unemployment claims.